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Finding a Gardener in the UK: When your garden starts looking rather droopy and bedraggled, it is either time to get your gardening togs on and get to work or time to call in some expert help to do it for you. Before you let some stranger loose on your prized garden you might want to consider your options. Should you call on a specialist UK gardener or the "guy down the road" who has a go at anything? Although many professional gardeners don't have any formal qualifications, they generally have more relevant knowledge than that "guy down the road" does. This is a choice that you alone will have to make.

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You do not want your precious garden to be spoilt by someone who doesn't have to knowledge to look after it properly. So, your aim should be to find a gardener in the UK area who can be trusted to do a good job on your garden. When you've got shrubs and trees requiring specialist care, this becomes even more vital. Don't make do with any old rubbish, track down a proper gardener.

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There is a seemingly endless list of jobs to be done in the garden, even if it is relatively small. These jobs will need doing more regularly in the spring and summer and perhaps not at all in the winter. The list of the most common gardening jobs will come as no surprise and includes the likes of grass cutting, trimming hedges, general tidying and weeding. Most professional UK gardeners will also help with decking installation, garden fencing, waste removal and driveway cleaning.

While that "guy down the road" might quote you twelve to fifteen pounds an hour to "do" your garden, an experienced gardener will come at a considerably higher price (£20 per hour maybe). One hour in your garden is not very much and the average gardener will need to spend more time than that to get much done. For it to be worth their while, gardeners generally favour doing 2 or 3 hours at a stretch. This is not excessive if you consider that they have to drive to your house and back and might need to take your waste to the local rubbish tip, which could be miles away.

It would not be normal for a genuine UK gardener to ask for payment in advance, so be wary if this happens to you. Paying a deposit for materials might be appropriate for bigger jobs like garden fencing. Don't be surprised if your gardener asks for cash payment, this isn't unusual, but of course only when the work is finished. To avoid the possibility of disputes in the future always ask your gardener for a receipt.

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Be clear what your requirements are before the gardener begins work, have a list of jobs that need doing. Most gardeners will be happy to offer guidance and advice on various aspects of gardening, make use of this help whenever you can. Check that your gardener will remove any waste such as lawn trimmings and branches, some do not.

Gardening makes you thirsty so keep yours supplied with drinks if you're at home. Such kindnesses are much appreciated and will likely be repaid by extra efforts on your behalf. To keep a friendly rapport going with your gardener and to gain the maximum benefit from their knowledge, pop out for a chat whenever you get the chance. However, don't follow them around all day, generally getting in their way and bombarding them with constant questions.

Garden Design - Landscaping

UK Garden Design: When you want a complete change, you might think about re-designing your garden altogether. This may require the expertise of a specialist UK garden designer. Certain gardeners in the UK will put their hand to anything related to horticulture, whilst others stick to the routine stuff. A quick discussion should soon reveal if your gardener is comfortable dealing with garden design. It could be that in the end you need to contact an expert.

Landscaping: Again if you need some major landscaping doing, you might need to fetch in somebody who specialises in this area of horticulture. Landscaping can be divided into two distinct branches; hard landscaping and soft landscaping. Hard landscaping involves the use of building materials to achieve a particular design feature, while soft landscaping uses the actual plants, shrubs and trees to achieve a design.

Ponds and Water Features: Some UK gardeners will install and maintain ponds and water features but you might be better to find someone who specialises in this (especially with ponds). Some expert knowledge will always be an advantage when getting a pond properly installed.

Some UK gardeners will also help with shed assembly, plant sourcing, bush trimming, leaf clearance, hard landscaping, garden trellis, shrub planting, strimming, bedding plants, garden planters, plant selection, garden design, raised beds, hedge planting, mulching, garden electrics, soil health checks, nature gardens, garden watering, tree planting, garden tidying, winter maintenance, snow clearance, disease identification, artificial turf, herb gardens, fruit tree pruning and other types of gardening in the UK.

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