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Finding a Gardener in Barton: Don't get stressed out if your garden in Barton is looking unkempt and you can never find the time to sort it out, there is always the option of calling in some outside help. Before you let someone loose on your prized garden you should consider the options. Should you call on a specialist Barton gardener or the "fella down the street" who has a go at anything? Whilst even professional Barton gardeners don't always have formal qualifications, they can usually be relied upon to have more horticultural knowledge than any "fellow down the street" is apt to have. You will have to decide what is best for your situation.

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Your garden is precious and you don't want it ruined by somebody who doesn't know how to appreciate it. Therefore you should take your time in finding a gardener in the Barton area who can be trusted. When you've got shrubs and trees requiring specialist care, this becomes even more vital. Don't put up with "rogue trader" gardeners, choose a dependable one.

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Gardens are all about routine maintenance, with jobs to be done fortnightly or monthly, even with smaller gardens. In spring and summer you should organise more frequent gardener visits as the jobs that need doing increase. Among the most common jobs needing to be done in Barton gardens are weeding, general cleaning, lawn mowing and hedge trimming. It is unlikely that your gardener will refuse tasks such as laying patios, cleaning driveways, repairing fences and waste removal.

Decent gardeners will come at a premium, so don't expect them to work for peanuts. Charges generally start at approximately twenty pounds per hour. You should anticipate your gardener needing more time than one hour is he/she is to get your garden looking good again. Generally gardeners would prefer to spend a minimum of 2 - 3 hours to make it worthwhile. This is to allow for travel, unloading tools and waste disposal.

Asking for money up front is not normal for gardeners (unlike builders), so be extra careful if they do. Of course gardeners often ask for payment in cash after the work is completed. Be certain to get a receipt from your gardener whether you pay him/her by card, cheque or cash.

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Always explain exactly what your needs are, a list of projects will make things clearer for the gardener. Your gardener will be there to give you advice and guidance on any aspect of your garden, so make the most of his/her knowledge. Establish that all of the weeds, lawn trimmings and resulting waste will be removed, they don't all offer this service.

It doesn't hurt to offer your gardener a drink during their toils, after all gardening is thirsty work. Such thoughfulness will be appreciated and should ensure that your gardener does the best job possible. Having regular discussions with your gardener helps you to keep abreast of the latest ideas, and also develop a friendly relationship. This does not mean you should pester them with constant wittering which will simply hinter them and slow down the work rate.

Barton Garden Design: Sometimes when searching for a gardener you will find people advertising as "garden designers" and for many this is a vocation in its own right. For many Barton gardeners the routine tasks are their bread and butter and they prefer to stick to what they know best. Have a chat with your gardener and see if they are happy to take this on. If not you will just have to find yourself an expert.

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