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Finding a Gardener in Neston: Even though you may enjoy doing the gardening you can sometimes get so behind that it becomes overgrown and a bit of a mess. This might be the right time to bring in someone else to help you. Think carefully before you hire someone because lots of people in Neston do gardening, some are professional gardeners and some just dabble. Whilst formal qualifications are not a requirement for gardeners, a professional is likely to have a wider range of knowledge than that "fellow down the street" and will have a reputation to uphold. Perhaps this article will help you make your choice.

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You certainly don't want your cherished garden to be in any way mistreated by an ignorant or uninformed "gardener" who is just in it for a buck. So, finding a trustworthy and reliable Neston gardener is something you should take care in doing. Some plants and trees need special care, in which case this is even more important. Find yourself a decent Neston gardener, not just any guy who knocks on your door.

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Routine maintenance is the key with all gardens, whether small or large, with a seemingly endless list of jobs to do. These routine jobs have to be done more frequently throughout the spring and summertime. Typical jobs that Neston people need doing in their gardens include: general cleaning, hedge pruning, grass cutting and weeding. Most professional Neston gardeners will also help with waste clearance, laying patios, cleaning driveways and repairing fences.

The rates charged by professional gardeners varies widely but if you are paying an hourly rate of about £20, that is reasonable. In order to make much difference to your garden, most gardeners will need to invest more than an hour of hard graft. Many gardeners might even insist on a minimum visit time of at least two hours or so. Don't forget, they have to get to and from your location, they have to unload and load their van and they may have to dispose of your waste which could mean a trip to the local tip.

Trustworthy Neston gardeners will never ask for money in advance, so be distrustful of anybody who does. An exception might be when a large job is involved such as patio laying when some money up front may be asked for. If your gardener asks to be paid in cash after the job is complete, this is not something to be worried about and is normal within the trade. Be certain to get a receipt from your gardener whether you pay him/her by cheque, card or cash.

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Before the gardener gets to work on your garden make sure he or she is clear about your requirements, a list of expected tasks might help. The layout of your garden is something any decent gardener will be able to help you with, they will know which plants perform best where, don't be scared to ask for guidance. Not all gardeners like to take away the waste and lawn clippings, so check that yours does.

Spare a thought for your gardener toiling away on your property with no facilities at hand. Offer them the use of your toilet and perhaps provide a drink. A gardener will always be appreciative of such kindness and will work even harder to show this gratitude. Don't be afraid to wander out and have a chat with your gardener when circumstances permit, this will help build a friendly connection with the gardener and encourage a sharing of ideas. It is not however a good idea to pester them constantly which will have the effect of annoying them and slowing the work down.

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